license agreement

Dear user,

Given the fact that LightCAD consists of the software and materials, the exclusive rights to which belong to IntiLED LLC, there are certain conditions to be followed by you when using LightCAD.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use LightCAD.

Terms of installation and use

You have the right to:

  • download, install and use the said version of LightCAD within the functionality described in the Documentation on any number of computers provided that you comply with all the technical requirements described in the Documentation as well as all LightCAD use restrictions and terms specified in this agreement, and you also have the right to print out the results.

You do not have the right to:

  • install, copy or use LightCAD (and any materials forming LightCAD) for any purposes other than the ones listed above;
  • sublicense the use of LightCAD, charge any fee for the use of LightCAD, sell LightCAD or transfer it otherwise for use by third parties as well as transfer it to another computer on an electronic medium or via a network, and all of the above also applies to all LightCAD components;
  • decompile, disassemble, alter, modify, improve, translate into another language, try to get access to the source code of LightCAD software, create any derivative software or materials used in LightCAD (except for the above);
  • use any LightCAD element or any material being its part separately from the program itself or together with any software or data that are not part of LightCAD;
  • use LightCAD to improve any software or other technology with similar functions including, but not limited to, use of LightCAD for development or testing of any similar software or technology or for its comparison with a similar product in terms of functionality;
  • use LightCAD or any material forming it for commercial purposes; You have the right to use results of your work in LightCAD for commercial purposes provided that they contain a note directly, expressly, unconditionally and absolutely stating that they were obtained using LightCAD;
  • allow any third party to do any of the above.


Limitation of liability

IntiLED LLC also makes known to you, and you, by starting and/or continuing to use LightCAD, accept the following provisions:

  • LightCAD, its modules and functions, are supplied “as is”; IntiLED makes no express or implied warranties with respect to LightCAD, any its components and any results of your work with LightCAD including any design results obtained using LightCAD and any data entered in LightCAD by you, including, but not limited to, quality and correctness of LightCAD performance on your computer, fitness for a particular purpose and infringement of intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • IntiLED LLC assumes no liability to you for any damages, costs or expenses that may arise from your use of LightCAD, including, but not limited to, damage to computer equipment, data loss and impossibility to use LightCAD as well as any indirect, actual, consequential and other damages. Any use of LightCAD by you shall be at your own risk.
  • In order to improve LightCAD performance IntiLED LLC collects anonymized data on technical characteristics of users’ computers.
  • IntiLED LLC shall have the right to publish works of users on any web resources specifically for purposes of LightCAD PR activities, with knowledge and acceptance of the author of the project together with the clear indication of the author.


LightCAD is provided by its Right Holder, IntiLED Limited Liability Company, as a free software and you may use it for an unlimited time free of charge.

The Right Holder reserves the right to request your consent to changes in the LightCAD terms of use when upgrading LightCAD. The failure by you to give such consent to changes in the LightCAD terms of use may make it impossible for you to use LightCAD any further.

The Right Holder may modify, supplement, upgrade, or update LightCAD. Any modification made in LightCAD by the Right Holder shall be, by default, considered to be aimed at its advancement, upgrade, or improvement of its functionality and usability.

This Agreement shall be governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be adjudicated in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation by the court/court of arbitration at the location of the Right Holder unless otherwise expressly stipulated by the effective legislation of the Russian Federation (the exclusive place of jurisdiction or the place of jurisdiction at the discretion of the claimant, which cannot be canceled by agreement of the Parties).

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