LIGHTCAD 1.2.0 release

new version of software suite is already available for free download

We're pleased to inform you that the new version of LIGHTCAD software suite 1.2.0 was released.

Latest release have major differences from the previous version. One of the main improvements - documentation room appeared. It allows for generating all needed project design documentation as follows:
  • lighting fixtures specification
  • luminaires' datasheets
  • visualizations
Export to pdf and rtf formats is available.

The new release also has a nonphysical color visualization.

One more major LIGHTCAD improvement - possibility to save the current scene as an image with default resolution without additional objects.

We hope that all the improvements above will make designers experience in LIGHTCAD more comfortable and effective. More upgrades and improvements to come!

Download the new version and share your opinion about LIGHTCAD in social media and at the website.

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