LIGHTCAD 1.0.2 release

software suite is now available for free download

We're happy to inform you that the new version of LIGHTCAD software suite 1.0.2 was released. New version is already available for download at the website  The speed was significantly improved, the amount of errors reduced, the details are provided below. Download the new version and share your opinion about LIGHTCAD in social media...... and at the website

What's new in 1.0.2. version?

  • LC-157 Inform about error form (HELP menu)
  • Installer signature sha256
  • New license agreement

What's fixed in 1.0.2. version?

  • LC-135 Undo after adding objects
  • LC-143 Incorrect name when copying objects
  • LC-159 In some cases HydraRenderer is not working (black rectangle)
  • LC-154 Fail at operation "light aiming point"
  • LC-156 Invisible objects deleted
  • LC-139 Selection reset in transformation mode
  • LC-161 Verifications when starting RenderTool
  • LC-137 In some cases some objects from the hidden layer are visible
  • LC-138  Fail at switching scenario when looped playback is switched on

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