LIGHTCAD 1.0 release

software suite is now available for free download

LightCAD is a software designed for active illumination projects at all stages - from the idea and outline to the on-site management of a ready-made lighting system.

Today's active illumination is a dynamically developing area of lighting design with broad illumination options. However, existing light design tools are made for static lighting. Dynamic lighting design actually requires long-term renderings, multiple repetitive operations, and other inconvenient routine activities. Noteworthy is the challenge of demonstrating dynamic lightning to the customer. Here, each light designer uses their own habitual approaches and tools, as there are simply no universal and convenient ones.

LightCAD includes tools for lighting scene design, equipment setup and monitoring, as well as control of lighting devices under specified scripts with real-time display.

Project work is based on the concept of so-called 'rooms'. Each room has its own window and toolbar set and layout. The idea behind the rooms is to equip each project work stage with necessary and sufficient tools and features. They might instead be considered as development stages or operation modes of the design environment. Stages presented in the current version:
- scene layout
- creating raster surfaces
- scenario creation
- player

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